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PLEASE NOTE: Membership is contingent upon board approval, not acceptance of payment.

$200 – General Membership Includes the Following:

  • Attend monthly meetings for free
  • Your Company will be listed on our website

$600 – Corporate Membership Includes the Following:

  • Use of B2BA event trailer
  • Company logo will be promoted on our website.
  • Your Company’s website will be linked through our website.
  • Company logo placed on our banner that will be displayed at every event.
  • Company logo placed on any banners/signs of events that the business association participates in.
  • Company logo will be placed on all of our newsletters that will be emailed to all of our members.
  • Corporate members will also be given the opportunity to speak at one of our monthly meetings to promote their businesses. (A schedule will be put together so that each member knows which event their business will be highlighted.)


The purposes of the B2BA are to foster and encourage the growth, progress, and betterment of the business community in the Lower Bucks area, as well as helping the surrounding communities


There will be no exclusive members. By signing, member understands that their information will be shared with other members of the Association.
Please pay ALL Dues by check made payable to B2BA, Inc. You may bring Dues at our next event or mail it to B2BA, Inc. PO Box 1594, Levittown, PA 19058
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